blackberry "Error Starting Module not found" adding external jar to eclipse plugin - blackberry-simulator

I'm using BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse Version: 1.3.0
Simulator 9800
I'm trying to run a Midlet that sucessfully runs on j2me emulator(tested).
The project compiles fine, but when I run it in the BB simulator it gives me the error:
"error starting MyApp: Module J4ME not found.
I added a jar file of J4ME as an external jar file. it seems actual j4me jar is not added to the project which
is loaded on BB simulator.
Anyway, the major problem is that it cannot run in the simulator.
I found several posts with the same problem, but the solutions they gave are for JDE, not for eclipse plugin,
add jar to project with "add file to project" option but that option is missing in my eclipse plug-in.
to add jar to other new project and then add this project to main project as dependent project(this option is also missing in eclipse)
plz kindly help me out as am new in this blackberry environmnt.
thanks in advance


How to add Scandit barcode plugin to custom build of Phonegap developer ios app?

I use Phonegap Desktop and Phonegap Developer app for a while now. This is really interesting for quickly testing my development.
But I'm facing a limitation with the embedded barcode scanner which is displaying the camera display in full screen.
I need to embed the camera display into a container so I have space for displaying information in the same time.
After searching for a while, I've discovered the Scandit SDK for PhoneGap was the only plugin which allows cropping the camera display.
I spent a lot of time trying to implement Scandit, but no success. At least I can build the app, but when using it, scanner is not working...
Here are the steps I've followed:
clone the PhoneGap Developer project from Git
Install using npm
add ios platform
open the xcode project file
build the application and run it on device
=> At this time the PG Dev is running well and my application is working fine
Then, i continued:
remove all reference to the default barcode scanner plugin
build the application and run it on device
==> PG Dev still working fine and my application is working fine
Next steps:
clone the Scandit phonegap plugin from Git
download the Scandit SDK from my scandit account
put the SDK into the cloned scandit phonegap plugin
modify the plugin.xml to change the path to the bundle and framework (mismatch of version name in the path)
<resource-file src="src/ios/scanditsdk-community-ios_4.16.1/ScanditBarcodeScanner.bundle"/>
<framework src="src/ios/scanditsdk-community-ios_4.16.1/ScanditBarcodeScanner.framework" custom="true"/>
copy bundle and framework into the correct folder of scandit
modify the config.xml to include reference to Scandit and set the spec attribut to the version of the SDK
build the application and run it on device
==> PG Dev still working fine and my application is working fine (it doesn't use scandit for the moment)
Next steps:
Remove my project from PhoneGap desktop
add Scandit Sample project to PG Desktop
I used the "Continuous Scaled/Cropped" example from there:
add my App Key for the license
launch my PG Dev app on my device and download the project files
==> PG Dev is running fine and download the Scandit Sample App.
But the app doesn't work. When clicking on the scan button, nothing happends..
After some investigation, I found that I ran through an exception on Scandit class.
Adding a try on the command 'Scandit.License.setAppKey' allowed me to report in the PG Desktop log the following error:
ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Scandit
Adding this try/catch made the app raising an exception at the next line:
var settings = new Scandit.ScanSettings();
After searching the web about my error, and some posts were suggesting to manually add the framework and bundle into xcode.
So I did it by drag&droping the framework and bundle into the framework folder of the xcode project.
But when I try building my project, it is failing with many errors...
To solve it, I had to had manually all the scandit plugin files (*.h and *.m) into my xcode project.
All previous errors have been solved, but new ones appeared.
This was due to some other missing native ios frameworks...
Once these framework added, all errors were solved and I managed to successfully build the application.
But when running it, I'm still having the error: "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Scandit"
I'm now running out of idea..
What did I do wrong?
Is there anyone having managed to build a PG Desktop with Scandit embedded?
Sorry for this long post, just tried to be the more precise I could be.
The issue here is two fold. First you need to be aware that the Scandit Barcode Scanner plugin makes use of native code and can therefore not be used in the Phonegap Developer app, as the only thing transmitted to it is your html/css/javascript and the javascript part of the plugin. To also include the native parts of the plugin you have to build and deploy the project yourself. As you are trying to build the XCode project it seems like you are now doing this.
The second part is that you are way overcomplicating the adding of the plugin. There is no need for you to manually clone the git repo, add our libraries, adjust paths in the plugin.xml etc. You can directly download the entire plugin as a zip from your account at where the library is contained and the plugin.xml is correct. After that you can simply add the plugin to your project through the CLI (also see our documentation for this at and there is no need to do anything manually unless you are using a very outdated Phonegap version that fails to properly handle the plugin.xml. Doing it the automated way with our properly prepared plugin zip will remove most error sources, please try it that way.
Thanks #moritzha. It helped me finding the solution.
I followed this doc at the beginning but it was not working.
After adding the plugin and building the application, I never managed to see it in my xcode project.
I took the opportunity of changing my mac to restart everything from scratch, and after many tries I found where I was wrong.
In fact, the documentation provided by scandit is missing one step.
The command ' phonegap plugin add < path to downloaded and unzipped plugin > ' is doing half of the job.
The command is correctly copying the plugin files to my project but it is not updating the config.xml.
So before building your application, you have to edit the config.xml located at the root of your project folder.
You need to manually reference the plugin with the following:
and replace the x by the version of the sdk you will use.
Once the config.xml updated, you will be able to build the app for your targeted platform.
I now have my own version of the Phonegap Developer App with the Scandit plugin in place of the default barcode scanner plugin. And it works perfectly.
This plugin is awesome!
PhoneGap Developer App version: 1.7.2 (taken on Github)

how to solve NoClassDefFoundError in cucumber test

i am using eclipse as a IDE and Selenium web driver. i am trying to run test in cucumber-JVM.
when i am run test it show me "NoClassDefFoundError ". can anyone help me to solve my problem. all relevant jar files are build in to project file.
Add cucumber-jvm-deps-1.0.3.jar file into your build path. You can download cucumber-jvm-deps-1.0.3.jar file from cucumber-jvm-deps-1.0.3
If the NoClassDefFoundError is coming from either XmlPullParser or dom4j/element
u need to install this Eclipse Plugin/Update:
Eclipse -> Help -> Install New Software…

AppEngine: Unable to update app: Failed to compile jsp files

I just update my AppEngine SDK from 1.7.0 to 1.7.5 because of the problem related to adding document in Full Text Search API.
But now, I can not upload the application.
Here are the errors:
Deploying to Google' has encountered a problem
Unable to update app: Failed to compile jsp files.
In the log file:
Unable to update: Failed to compile jsp files.
Any help? Thanks
Well you need to have the JDK pointing in your build path of eclipse.
Click on Installed JREs and point it upto your JDK installed location.
If that even didn't work go to eclipse.ini file in your eclipse directory. Add the following argument.
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk_1.6.30\bin\javaw.exe
Then restart your eclipse and things will start working.
Run the app on your local development server, you will discover the JSP files have errors that you need to sort out before compiling.

gwt to android using phonegap

I need to push my gwt application to android via using phonegap.I followed and this tutorial . But when i run the application i get error gwt application must be recompiled .
These are steps i followed
compile the gwt application
2.create a phonegap project in android as stated in Getting started
3. move the war directory of gwt application to android project
4. pointed the .nocache.js file as index for android app.
Please let me know where i am going wrong!
normally when you get such an error your nocache.js file does not match your compiled javascript.
This might happen if you are using maven and eclipse with google eclipse plugin together and haven`t properly selected the right folders for your war folder and the compile folder.
Maybe you need to read:
I fixed this issue,I use Eclipse IDE,and on right clicking Project option called Google has GWT Compiler,it generates all possible js. Now run the Project,and it worked fine for me in android via Phonegap-gwt ! Hope it helps someone!

Google App Engine - recompile GWT module

I've created Google App Engine project in Java using Eclipse following the book Beginning Java Google App Engine
Before I bought this book I had created projects with unchecked option 'Use Google Web Toolkit' but for this project I checked it (following the book)
Eclipse generated several files for me and I run my applications, copy link to Web Browser (http://localhost:8888) and it gives me an error:
GWT module name_of_my_project may need to be (re)complied
I work on Ubuntu 10.04 (I was testing my application using Firefox and Chromium) and I was trying run my application on Windows XP (using the same Web Browsers) with the same effect (just one difference - Google Chrome made me install Web I did it but it still gives the same error)
Thanks in advance :)
I get the same error message at unexpected times using development on IntelliJ with Chrome. The message still appears when I stop and start development mode. The problem is fixed after I delete the compiled files (class files, js files) in the out folder. On eclipse, you can try deleting files and folders generated in the war folder (delete the folder that has the project name, if it exists, and the classes folder under /war/WEB-INF/classes). Hope this helps.
Check in your "Java Build Path" if you have the correct Default output folder (something like /target/project-name/WEB-INF/classes).
In Eclipse, do a "Clean Build".
Click on the google blue button in the Eclipse menu and select "GWT Compile Project..."
Make sure the GWT plugin is compiling your project by checking the compiler output. The GWT compiler outputs lots of things, for example you will always see something like "Compiling 6 permutations.... Compiling permutation 0..."
If you still have problems, try this page on setting up Eclipse with GWT:
Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I re-installed Eclipse on Ubuntu and I installed plugin one more time and it works :)
So, be careful which version of Eclipse you use - Eclipse 3.4 has problem with GWT.