Editing multiple entries in Jabref - bibtex

Is there a way to edit multiple Jabref entries? E.g. add the same data to an empty field, like "keywords", of multiple files?

Yes, there is. Select the entries you want to edit, then choose "Tools">"Set/clear fields" in the menu bar. This will bring up a dialog prompting what field and what value (also with a "clear" option). There's also a checkbox allowing you to set only the empty field to a certain value.


ms-access only show records when selecting certain item from dropdown

I use MS-Access 2013 for this project.
Something I'm unable to find is how I can hide and show certain fields when something happens.
Let's be a little less vague. So, I have a dropdown of 5 items. Oral Exam, Written Exam, Exam on PC, External exam and revision.
All fields are the same for almost every possible selection in the dropdown apart from "exam on PC". Then some additional fields should be filled in, in the form. These are PC_Number amongst other things. The fields are "Yes/No" fields and simple input fields.
Is there a possibility to hide them when "exam on PC" isn't selected in the dropdown and show them when "exam on PC" is selected?
Yes it's very possible and very straightforward.
Lets say your drop down field is Field1 and the field you want to hide or not is Field2
Simply add the following code to the AfterUpdate event
If me.Field1.value<>"Exam on PC" then
end if

Persist unique value in react-select which is not present in options array

I want to make react-select accept values which are not stored in the options array. I'm hoping to use this component to suggest values but also allow users to input their own value and persist it on blur.
In my situation the options represent suggestions which have been defined in the DB, on choosing an option it will auto-populate some other relevant fields.
However I also want to allow the user to define a unique value in the and manually define the other values.
I don't want to feed the unique value in the options array because I do not want the user to see this as a selectable option.
Is this possible with react-select?
If I understand your question correctly, you can totally control what's shown to the user as part of the selectable options, and also you have a dedicated class Select-create-option-placeholder attached to labels of new labels that need to be created (namely aren't part of the array of suggestions).

Editing a combo box in access 2007

I have a combo box on my form that needs to be editable. It is currently populated by a query that provides a set of values based on the value in another combo box. The "Limit to List" is set to "No". The "Allow Value List Edits" is set to "Yes". Sometimes the user wants the ability to add an item to this box. The value does not need to be stored permanently in the tables.
The question is, is the edit feature disabled because of the kind of query that I have for populating it i.e. dependent on another combo box value? What are the options for enabling the edits?
Thanks in advance
I should have checked this out properly. I was expecting to see something at the bottom of other values similar to what happens when you have a value list. That doesn't happen.
I was able to type in directly into the Combo box and the value did get added to my table on executing the code to add a record. The "Limit to List" should obviously be set to "No". When that is set to "Yes", you get an error message about selecting only the available values.

Same View, different displays, One page, same exposed filters. Possible?

I want to list my content categorically within view. The problem is that I want all of it to be filtered through exposed filters.
Here is what Content Type looks like:-
Content Type (MyContent)
Category (it has three categories in it "Category1, Category2 and Category 3". User has to selects one when entering the content)
Now I created a view which lists all of the content linearly (like a normal list) and I have exposed filters on top, which filter the content, but now I am not sure how to proceed when I have to show the content as:-
Any Idea what I should do to achieve this? What should I do in this scenario?
I'll be grateful to you valuable assistance.
You can group your results together. Under the Format option in views next to your format type (unformatted list, etc...) click on Settings.
In this menu you'll see "Grouping field" this will allow you to specify on which fields your results should be grouped. The field needs to already be included in your display.
Once you enable this you'll probably notice that that field is now displayed twice. You can just go into that field and check "Exclude from Display"

add checkbox to subtab on a NetSuite form

This may be a simple quesiton but I need to ask to be sure I am in the correct direction. In the Item Fulfillment form for example, there is a first column Fulfill that is a checkbox. Above it there are buttons for Mark All and Unmark All as well. What I would like to do is have similar functionality on one of my other subtabs. I already have a custom child record that lives on my subtab and added a checkbox bool field to the record. I could get that to somewhat work but what I would like to know is
1- is that the correct approach.
2- does it need to be a field that is selected to be saved,
3- for their functionality this only appears in Edit mode. is that a limitation?
4- I notice their "checkbox field" is not as wide as the one I made
5- Is there a way that I would only get this "field" to appear in the record when it is in a sublist and not when it is in its own custom form to create a new item? I would only have it as a checkbox in a subtab.
Or is my approach wrong and perhaps there is an easier way to do it?
1 - You can create a check box using inline HTML field - script the check box that way. Call a client script's function to handle the click.
2 - Not really sure what you're talking about - if you mean "Store Value" in the field definition, the answer is "No".
3 - Edit mode, yes. You can't change values of a field when not in edit mode.
4 - Width of a field can be controlled on the form design.
5 - Create 2 different forms. The data entry form would not include the check box, the sublist form would.