Can I use in the same project a Database made by myself and a Firebase Database? - database

I am planning a project and I have the authentication with firebase but I want to have the other tables in another database. Could this option be viable?
A detected problem that could happen would be the duplication of data.
Has anyone done something similar?
At the moment I have not tried anything because I am planning the project, the only thing I have is the authentication with firebase.
I want to do this is because I need to have a local database because users will not have internet connection in many situations.
Thank you so much!!


How to choose the right database for lyrics

I am new in mobile app development and I am developing an application in React Native, which will contains the lyrics of songs. Now, I am in a situation where I am thinking about the best way to make database for it.
I would like the basic lyrics to be downloaded to the device with the app, but also that the user can add other songs that would only be visible to him. Which way is the best? I think, that all songs could be saved into some database (for example in device storage or SD-card). I think about SQLite or Firebase, but is this the right way?
Thank you for all your advice ;)
Whole solution seems like a good use case for Firebase/Firestore.
Firestore seems to integrate well with mobile apps. It's also managed so it's a simple way to run a database for a mobile app given you can provide the customer with direct access to the database without the need for a backend.

Is any way to store form data without using database?

I am developing a registration application where registration details will be saved and at the time of login as per the user's registration details, the output will be displayed. So first we have to store the registration details into the database and at the time of login, the details of the user will come from the database after running some business logic.
Is there any way to store the data without using the database?
In this context how AngularJs can help me? Please explain to me I am a newbie to application development.
There are certainly ways of storing info, you could use PHP to write it to a document but the reason we have databases is because they are the most efficient way.
SQL isn't difficult to learn and there are plenty of libraries that make it easy to write to from web apps.

how to sync local and remote database Angular 4?

Fist, sorry for my bad English.
I am new with Angular 4, and need make an aplication (web, or desk with electron), with a remote database for external users querys in the web, but Administrative users need to continue working in case of losing the connection, have a practical way to sync in this case?
Firebase? Mysql? Local database?
Thanks Guys

Which is the better way to store my logincredentials(remember me option) and maintain session throughout the application in angular js

Iam developing angular js web application .I want to store the login credentials when the user checks on remember me option.can any one please suggest me which is the better way to store the details of user (local storage or cookies or etc).And I want to maintain the session throughout the application ..please give your suggestions.
Thanks in advance
There are already plenty of solutions for that kind of stuff. As this is a serious security issue, I would recommend to use one of those instead of "reinventing the wheel".
Whether the system is using cookies or localstorage doesn't really matter at the end of the day. It is however a bad idea in general to store the actual credentials. Instead, use a token-based system that will do a server-client handshake on request.
Personally, I am working with Firebase and Express at the moment.
Firebase is "backend as a service". They offer a free plan for production usage, have a look at it. If you like it, things are pretty easy here. You pay money and get a full-featured REST-like "backend" with built-in user management (See Firebase doc's for SimpleLogin). All you have to do is calling service methods.
This is the DIY way. If you want to have full-control and a free way of doing things, this is the way to go. I am no Express master, so you better have a look at some Tutorials (
If you don't like neither Firebase nor Express, have a look at other Backend-as-a-service offers. You could even use PHP. I would assume that one could say that this is the oldschool way of implementing user sessions :)

Joomla! 2.5 use login data from another database

I have a hard question. I'd like the joomla login does not use its own database for users/password but I want to use my database users with my table fields, my passwords etc..
I don't know from where start, I thought I could edit database request for login to my db or create a little script to automatically add the users on joomla database.
I tried to see components/com_users/views/login/tmpl/default_login.php but it seems that there is nothing.
Can someone help me figure out what to change?
Maybe the simple thing is import my database users into database user joomla, is there any plugin or something else that you know?
p.s. I use Clarion theme build on Gantry framework, Joomla! 2.5.6 Stable, PHP 5.2.17
I would suggest that you find or create an authentication plugin that does this for you. Joomla can support multiple authentication systems.
Have a look at creating an Authentication Plugin for Joomla 1.5. The basic idea is described there.