Automatically tag all uploaded files by filename on Custom Vision? - tagging

Is it possible to automatically label all uploaded files by filename on
Thank you
I am trying to ease tagging because I have around 30000 images


React - Rename file attachment dynamically in browser

I have a page in my React application that contains a set of files as attachments(something similar to email attachments on gmail). I am trying to rename the files once they have been added to the page and not while uploading the file from 'choose files'. Any inputs would be much appreciated.

How to preview the thumbnail of any file

I have number of files like .doc,.pptx, .avi.. that means i have uploaded number of files to my database using the angularjs and node api, now my query is,
How to show those uploaded file preview as thumbnail.

Is there an upload queue feature for ng-file-upload?

Would it be possible using this library? I've used this one for uploading a single file or a batch of files but it only creates a single http request, just like the samples in its github page. What I'm looking for is have an upload queue for the user's upload files so that he/she can still select another file for upload while previous file is still in uploading.
You can just have an array (queue) in your javascript code that holds all the files and once a new file is selected start uploading it and push it to the array.
Alternatively you could achieve this by adding ngf-keep="true" directive which will keep adding the new files to the model while holding the previous ones.
with ng-file-upload you can do multiple file select dialog for async file uploads. It then gives the upload progress of all files during the concurrent file uploads.
e.g. file 1 - 50%
file 2 - 75%
I can vouch for this because Ive done it.
See usages ...
can't see any reason why u could not allow the user to select another file whilst the files were uploading.
Just click the upload button again!

How to edit/replace single file in SFDC static resources?

I have a static resource zip file in SFDC that contains images and css files used by Visualforce pages. How do you replace just a single image with a new one from the resource zip file? Do I need to upload the entire zip file again with the new image?
Yes You need to upload the updated Zip file again into static Resource..No other way as of now.
You should update files which you need in zip archive (which contain all files for current static resource) and upload it again to SF.

Create thumbnail after upload of any file extension

I want to upload a file with any extensions and then from that extension I need to create the thumbnail image for that particular image.
For example, if I upload .pdf file then the thumbnail image should be 'pdf.jpg', so as if .docx file then should be 'word.jpg' and if .zip file then name should be 'zip.jpg'.
I have tried to do this but no luck, file is uploaded but thumbnails is not.
Is there any codes which can do this, I mean to upload any extension and from that extension to create the thumbnail image also?
If any one has idea please share. :)