Matomo: Is it possible to show the ratio/share of events? - analytics

Starting point: A user can click on button A or button B.
The question: Can I see or track in Matomo how many users have clicked button A vs how many users have clicked button B?
Can Matomo display such relations at all?


How to delete a specific item from a database when custom popup confirmation button will be cliked using react and tailwind

I'm created app where user can edit and delete items. Now i want that when user will clik the delete button a popup will be shown an user can either cancel or delete by confirming. How to do this?

Is there a direct URL to subscribe to an ICS url on Windows Live calendar?

I'm looking for an URL similar to Google Calendar's for Windows Live. The url links to the calendar web app and shows a popup whether the user wants to subscribe to the external ICS. I would like to open this URL from an app to guide the user towards subscription. Any help?
It is possible to subscribe to Hotmail/Outlook/Windows live calendar.
1) Login to your Microsoft account.
2) Go to the outlook menu bar and click the top left icon
3) Click the calendar from the dropdown
4) Then click the import button that appears on the top.
From this final screen you can both subscribe ICS files or import to a calendar.
To Subscribe
i) To subscribe click on the menu item on the left-hand-side.
ii) Lastly on the right-hand-side fill out both the calendar URL and a unique name for the calendar. Hit subscribe to add the calendar, a color and charm can also be added.
To Import
a) Click on the menu item on the left-hand-side.
b) On the right hand-side choose from the drop down to add events to a new calendar or an existing calendar. Hit import to add the calendar.

Hide button on PDF before flattening in LiveCycle Workbench

ASP.NET application asks user to fill in fields.
User clicks a "Request Signatures" button in the application and a LiveCycle service is called to create the pdf.
The pdf is saved in the ASP.NET application database.
This pdf has to then be digitally signed by 3 people.
A link to the pdf is shown to the first person in the workflow.
User clicks on link and the pdf is shown in the browser for them to digitally sign.
At the bottom of the pdf is a submit button, which the user clicks after signing.
The pdf is submitted to a web page which updates the pdf in the database and through other database tables, is put in the next person's "to-do" list.
2nd & 3rd person repeat #5 - #8
After the 3rd person signs, the pdf is considered complete. The pdf is to be flattened using LiveCycles Output service transformPDF
The problem is the "Submit" button on the form. I have made it "Visible - Screen only" to take care of anyone that wants to print a hard copy anytime during the process. However, I have a feeling the client will complain that the Submit button shows up on screen. Also, the final, flattened pdf should not show the button as it's being submitted to an official repository for these forms in which other forms don't have a submit button.
After the 3rd person signs, I can easily set the submit button presence to hidden. Then when it's flattened, it won't show up. The problem comes when the user wants a "Print View" before or during the signing process.
So my question is can I make a LiveCycle process that takes in a document variable (the pdf with the submit button) and output a document variable (the pdf without the submit button). Meaning the process would have to somehow run javascript inside the pdf to hide the submit button.
That event could be the prePrint event to remove the button from the layout.
And you will need postPrint event to put the button back in.
on the prePrint event of the button(to hide the button):
this.presence = "hidden";
on the postPrint event of the button(to show the button):
this.presence = "visible";

Workflow 4 wait for winforms click event

I'm currently designing a workflow that displays user controls on a winforms form then waits for the user to click a button on the user control just displayed so that it can capture data the user entered. I'm having difficulty finding an activity? (is that the right word?) that sits and waits for a click event to occur on the button of the item.
Does anybody have an idea about how to do this?

Where to set WPS portlet permissions

I am deploying a portlet on WPS 6.1. When I try to access the portlet, I get :
We are sorry, but you have no permissions to see this page
Where do I set permission? I just created a page and added the portlet
When you go to the Manage Pages portlet, there's an icon next to the page you created that looks like a key. Click the key icon. There are a list of default rolls. Next to the "user" role click the pencil icon for "Edit Roll".
Then there's a list of users and groups that have access to the roll. At the top is an "Add +" button. Click that.
There will be a list of default groups. Click the check box next to "Anonymouse Portal User" then click the button beneath it "Ok".
This part is not intuitive because there's no save button. Just hit the link above the user roles "Page Name > User" is what it will say. Click the "Page Name" link.
Then click the "Apply" button.
Now log out and try to look at your page. It should be available for anonymous users.