Invoking SMS composition in the simulator - blackberry-simulator

Following the BlackBerry documentation on the Invocation Framework, I'm trying to invoke opening a contact, and SMS and E-mail composing. The contact opening works fine, but I cannot get the SMS and E-mail composition to work in the Simulator. The code is being executed, but nothing happens. Any ideas what can I be doing wrong?
Here's a piece of the code I'm using:
InvokeRequest request;
QByteArray ba(list.toUtf8());
Thanks for any hints!

I am also facing this issue.
SMS and E-mail is not working simulator because SMS/Email app is not installed in simulator.
You have to test in device.
Below code is working fine in device for me..
Send SMS:
InvokeRequest invokeRequest;
Send Email:
InvokeRequest invokeRequest;


OTP verification in Appium

How to read OTP SMS on an android device when doing a login test to another app?
I am currently pausing the test and entering the OTP manually and running the test. But I want to automate it.
There are some methods to read an SMS body but I don't know how to open the messaging app and read the body while running another app.
Can anyone help me?
Appium and Selenium can easily run the JavaScript commands, so the easiest way is:
sms_inbox = driver.execute_script("mobile: listSms")
sms_list = sms_inbox['items']

AngularJS localhost redirect to IP Address

I started a tutorial regarding AnguarJS for beginners. I have setup my workstation already and ready to test a simple Hello World. Unfortunately, I cannot display this simple message in my localhost. Instead, it display the default IIS image and I've noticed also that my url is the current IP Address. Can anyone pinpoint what I missed here?
Please see below image for reference.
The dev server shows that it is running on port 4200:
As the message says, you need to navigate to http://localhost:4200 (instead of http://localhost, which it looks like is being served by IIS)

how to send email directly in React Native App

I am progromming about function: send Email to gmail Address directly from React native App.
I searched on Internet and try library:,
Howerver, they only show me view of Gmail App which I installed in my device.
I want react native app will send directly to Address Email.
My device I tested run on Android Platform.
Thank you so much
You need an email server or an email services to send an email, there is no way you can send an email directly from the client side.
There are several of them in the internet, you can try: MailGun or SendPulse, they got some good free tiers.
Your job is just calling a simple POST method from your app to their APIs.
I have tried, and so far succeeded in testing with iOS, with react-native-email ("npm install react-native-email").
There is a bit of fluffing around when sending the first email as you have to "login" to your email account. But otherwise, test emails are going through fine.
Also, SendPulse is a bulk newsletter service, not for individual emails.
One annoying caveat: it won't work in your emulator. It will return a URL error when you click the send button. But it works fine on a real device. I'm using Expo (and who wouldn't) and it works fine on my iPhone.
Complete code for testing purposes here:

Steroids Connect: What is the URL for the preview QR code?

Running steroids connect ordinarily opens a browser with a big QR code for testing on a real device. But I'm running it on a VPS so it doesn't open a browser.
What is the URL that this opens?
What mr. Jones said! Also, you can run steroids connect --debug to see the URL that it is trying to open in the console log.
Its going to be unique per user but here's mine
You can see in that string an encoded IP LAN address (
You can also see the port (4567)
If that helps then great.

Error when connecting to a CYC KB

I am using openCyc and I am trying to connect to an image of a Cyc KB. I can browse this image on my browser (using chrome) and can successfully ping the address from the command line.
Now, when I try to create a new CycAccess("server", "port) the correct server and port of the image I am browsing on the browser I get an error saying connection refused which is printed out to the terminal.
For the server, it is simply and the port is just for example 6622. Am I formatting this wrong or something?
Why would this happen?
Thank you,
I found out the answer to my question. IDK if this well help anyone else so I am going to post it.
The port that you typically access a CYC Image through the browser is not necessarily the port that you will access it through the OpenCyc API. When I changed the port, it solved my problem.