Blackberry SDK 10 Simulator shortcuts - blackberry-simulator

I got the simulator installed on my Mac. Not able to find the main screen once i go into some other screen. Is there something like iPhone style button to bring the device back to main screen?

This looks like a comprehensive manual:
Specifically, you want to look a section titled "Using the BlackBerry device simulator input controls".


How to download sources for xcode simulator

For app distribution to app store, we need to make couple (well, lots of them) of screenshots from all types of apple devices. In native app, we do it through simulator. How can we do it with codename one? How can I download the sources required for xcode simulator? Or is there any other way, how this can this be achieved (instead of buying all types of apple devices there are of course) ?
Apple now lets you upload one image size and they will scale it for the rest. I don't recall which size, but probably the 6plus. They tell you on iTunes Connect where you create the app details. You can use the CN1 simulator to capture screenshots. Set the skin to the desired device type and press F2 to capture the screen. The screen capture will just be what is displayed on screen, but there are some tools out there to give it the look of a real device. See this blog post:

Codename one Simulators sizes do not fit within the window

While developing app with codename one with Netbeans IDE, I was running into this issue where the simulators were not usable except iphone 3. If I choose the simulator to be iPhone 5 or 6 or 6 plus, the simulator is so huge and only part of it appears on the screen and I couldn't even scroll.
Is there anyway to make the simulator to fit within the window sizes? I tried on Mac and Windows and I experienced the same result.
Please advise.
Uncheck the Scrollable option under the Simulalator menu. It's on by default since some artifacts might appear during scaling but for large skins there is no alternative.

Naming launch images without using asset catalog

I'm working on a Universal app (my first app) that runs on both iOS 6 and 7 and I'm creating my launch images now.
I've read the Apple documentation on this area but I find I'm still confused.
For the moment, I'd like to work out how to create and link up all my launch images without using the Asset Catalog, if possible.
I've got most, but not all, of the launch images created and added into the Launch Images area of my project like so:
Portrait Non-Retina (iOS 6.1 and Prior) 768x1004 No image with correct dimensions found
Portrait Retina (iOS 6.1 and Prior) 1536x2008 No image with correct dimensions found
Landscape Non-Retina (iOS 6.1 and Prior) 1024x748 No image with correct dimensions found
Landscape Retina (iOS 6.1 and Prior) 2048x1496 No image with correct dimensions found
Portrait Non-Retina 768x1024 Default-Portrait
Portrait Retina 1536x2048 Default-Portrait#2x
Landscape Non-Retina 1024x768 Default-Landscape
Landscape Retina 2048x1536 Default-Landscape#2x
But I'm puzzled as to how to name the iPad image files that are still missing.
You will not be able to do what you are trying to do by naming alone. If you don't want to use the asset catalog (which totally solves the problem without effort, so why would you not use it????), you will have to set up the Info.plist yourself, as Apple explains here:
In iOS 7, an app can use a different launch image depending on which version of iOS it’s running in. To provide different launch images, add the UILaunchImages key to the Info.plist file and use a dictionary to describe each launch image. To learn more about handling launch images, see “App Launch (Default) Images” in iOS App Programming Guide.
I think you should find the naming conventions in the section called App Launch (Default) Images of Apples documentation for resources

How to install a new keyboard layout which is not present in the iPhone using ios 6?

I am using iPhone 3gs(unlocked i mean apple genuine jail broken device). Its having inbuilt keyboard languages like "Hindi" "Chinese-Simplified" etc for adding a new keyboard.
How to install a new keyboard in the iPhone(through iTunes or anything) which is not present in the list.
For example: My local language is "Telugu". I want the Telugu keyboard to be installed into my device. Will it be possibe? (Remember one thing, I don't need any apps for my local language I need a software keyboard layout file)
Unlike keyboards on Android, this is not possible on iOS.

How to use Speech to Text in GDK

I have a problem when using Speech to Text in GDK. Even though they said it uses Android API Level 15 when I install it onto Glass, it doesn't work, but it works on the phone.
Have you tried this or do you have any idea of implementing it on Glass
Google Glass cards interface has option "Read Aloud" and when we tap it, it works.
Should I use Mirror API or something else to do.
If your GLASS is XE8 or older you need voicesearch.apk installed in the GLASS to enable voice to text.
But if you are using XE9 or later, the feature is available. you dont have to install voicesearch.apk