blackberry simulator not working properly on my mac with wine - blackberry-simulator

blackberry simulator not working properly on my mac with wine. BB Curve 8320 simulator v.4.2.2 & v.4.3.
It installs and launches but comes up with various errors: DE365s errors, password record not found, incompatible or corrupt password structure, flash failure - DE361 error, JVM Error 548 flash erase failed.
What am i doing wrong?

Couldn't get this to work. I had to resort to my windows installation on my mac using Parallels Desktop.


Android Studio 3 (All Versions) - Device file explorer nothing to show

When opening the Device file explorer window in Android Studio Preview 3, I don't see the device's files (There is a message "Nothing to show").
I searched this topic a lot but couldn't find anything that is relevant to this issue.
I'm using my test device:
Android Galaxy S5 running Android OS 6 (API 23) - Rooted
The specific build of Android Studio I'm using is:
Android Studio 3.0 Beta 6
Build #AI-171.4333198, built on September 13, 2017
JRE: 1.8.0_152-release-915-b01 amd64
JVM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o
Windows 10 10.0
Any idea's how to solve this issue?
After struggling with this for a day, the answer for me was associated with disabling SuperUser permissions for the ADB shell on my Android Device.
If you have rooted your device and are using an app like SuperSU, try disabling the SU permission for ADB shell in the apps view list.
First disconnect your Android device from the computer running Android Studio
On your Android device open SuperSU and select the apps tab.
Click on ADB shell and select Access:'deny'
Reconnect your device to your dev computer using a USB cable
In Android Studio open the "Device File Explorer".
You should now see a list of files on the device, including files in /data/data/ and its subfolders
You would think that having SU permissions would be a good thing: but in this case, no.
Disable ADB shell's SU permissions in SuperSU
AS file explorer will execute su 0 sh -c 'ls -l /' to list the files. For unknown reason, SuperSu remove the single quotes and the actual command are su 0 sh -c ls -l /. In such case, the -l will not work. AS file explorer may have some problem to parse the output. So there is nothing to show.
You can check the log of AS to get such behavior. Open the log from: help -> show log in explorer

BlackBerry 10 Cascades - Running app on the simulator

I am new to blackberry development and ran into this problem several times and cannot find a solution.
When I try to run an empty cascades project just with a simple HelloWorld label I get the following error
Deployment Failed: Info: Sending request: Install and Launch
Info: Action: Install and Launch
Info: Debug native: on
Info: File size: 190910
Info: Installing com.example.HelloWorld.testDev__HelloWorld7d1bfe91...
Info: Processing 190910 bytes
I'm using Momentics, VMware running BB10 Dev Alpha Sim and followed all the instructions here.
I made sure my build config is set to Simulator-Debug and not even the example projects are able to run on the simulator.
Edit: I am not sure if this bit of info helps but when I try to run the application, the Progress hangs at 91% before the error dialog appears.
May be you are not setting the development Mode (like current Development Mode Simulator or Device) . I also getting the issue that Project Compile but not able to run on virtual Machine , today I sort the issue . check out the link

can't find where BlackBerry 10 simulator was installed on MacOS, and re-install got "multiple launches of installer not allowed" error

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5(11G63)
After install the upper two dmg files, I can find qde in the launchpad, but I can not find the "BlackBerry10Simulator-BB10_n_nn.vmwarevm" file".
I want to re-install ,so I run the app "" in Finder->devices->BlackBerry10Simulator-BB10-1-x, just get the pop-up-box saying
The Installer cannot be run.
Multiple launches of this installer is not allowed. It will now quit
, and then the installer quit.
How can I find the simulator install path, or
How can I re-Install it successfully.
At the first time installing, I did not change anything while installing, just clicked those "next","accept..." buttons.
I think the simulator should be installed in default file path, but I don't know where is it, and can't find it even searching "BlackBerry10Simulator" in Finder.
Maybe there is something wrong while first time installing simulator?
The BB10 simulators are VMware virtual machines. On a Mac, you need to have VMWare Fusion installed in order to run the simulator VM. This is mentioned in the system requirements. All the dmg installer does is uncompress the VMware image and place it on your hard drive. I just installed this myself, and the default location seems to be:
/Users/<your username>/Documents/Virtual Machines
Inside there should be a folder Blackberry10Simulator-BB10_1_X-338 and inside that there should be BlackBerry10Simulator-BB10_1_X.vmwarevm which contains the actual virtual machine .vmx and .vmdk files.
There should also be an alias (shortcut) created on your desktop to point to this location, called Blackberry 10 Simulator.
To uninstall, there is a script in Blackberry10Simulator-BB10_1_X-338/install called uninstaller which should remove everything and allow you to install again.
Unfortunately, VMWare Fusion is not free but you can sign up for a 30-day trial in order to be able to run the simulator and test out your app.
I recently encountered this error with a different installer (but also installanywhere based). There seems to be a problem with the mirroring feature in VM Ware Fusion and the multiple install detection in Install anywhere. If you disable mirroring, I suspect the "Multiple launches of this installer is not allowed." error will no longer occur.

How to run BB10 simulator in Mac OS X

After installing the simulator I am not able to follow the instructions found here. I installed BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B Simulator. The page asks to run "BlackBerry10Simulator-BB10_ n_nn" but I cannot find any thing like that in my installation directory:
ls -1 BlackBerry10Simulator-BB10_0_10-261/
I found "" in the bbm directory but running it does not actually run a simulator, I am not sure what it does.
$ls -1 BlackBerry10Simulator-BB10_0_10-261/bbm
Can anyone help?
The simulator requires VMWare player, a free download.
Mac OS requires which is not free. Either bootcamp windows, install a linux distro or virtualize either to virtualize the emulator... (XZibit meme someone?) which is likely not going to work.
MAC OS requires VMFusion 30 day trial for installing the BB 10 simulator.
#russoue:- Once you install VMware Fusion Just open the **BlackBerry10Simulator-BB10_0_10.vmwarevm** with VMware Fusion and you are done. it will take some 5 min to load simulator.

Blackberry 10 developers device "Error:device"

I am getting error "Error:device" on blackberry 10 developers device. I get this error when I am installing the unsigned .bar file to the device.
It was working fine earlier but suddenly it started showing this error.
I tried to reboot the device, but still getting same error.
Which development environment/SDK are you using to get this error? Native/WebWorks/Air/Android.
Please tag your question according to the SDK to ensure you get a prompt response. Example (blackberry-webworks)
had to disable Automatic in USB mode to deploy from a linux host ...