Blackberry 10 developers device "Error:device" - blackberry-simulator

I am getting error "Error:device" on blackberry 10 developers device. I get this error when I am installing the unsigned .bar file to the device.
It was working fine earlier but suddenly it started showing this error.
I tried to reboot the device, but still getting same error.

Which development environment/SDK are you using to get this error? Native/WebWorks/Air/Android.
Please tag your question according to the SDK to ensure you get a prompt response. Example (blackberry-webworks)

had to disable Automatic in USB mode to deploy from a linux host ...


npm says port is allready in even if you change the port

Recently I have started to use React Native and I didn't want to use Android Studio, so I manually installed every thing including hyper-v but after that I have a really strange problem if I put any port in .env file when I run npm start it saying that the port is in use!
And the other issue was when I was using JetBrains' products (like WebStorm) it won't start. I found this in log files : Address already in use: bind
And the most strange thing was that the ports were not in use !
So after a week I found the solution .
The answer is really simple this is a problem with hyper-v and wsl2, and I don't know why it cause this problem.
I solved my problem using two commands (I'm using Windows 10) :
net stop winnat
net start winnat
I hope this fix your issue!
Even after you reset the reserved ports by the command, after a full restart then you will need to run the command again.
This is because of windows sandbox. It'll re-reserve the ports.
So to fully fix the problem you need to turn off windows sandbox in windows features, that will fully fix the problem

Configure Vagrant with Xvfb Error

I am configuring a vagrant machine with ubuntu 14.04, for doing some tests with selenium and protractor. I want to run all tests in that machine without having a graphic environment. So i only need a plain output by a terminal.
I am following next resources to do that :
but when i access to vagrant machine and i try to run my tests i get next error message :
[1796:1796:0212/] Gtk: Locale not supported by C library.
Using the fallback 'C' locale.
[1796:1796:0212/] Gtk: cannot open display:
And i am not sure what i should do...
thanks in advance !!
See this article:
Gtk: cannot open display
is a common error, as states on this page:
DISPLAY has wrong value or you forgot to export it
Also doublecheck if xvfb is running in backgroud/as service.

Compiling mod_tile

I wanted to build my own tile server as written on switch2osm site. In short: render is not happening (more details you can find here).
Seems that mod_tile is not installed correctly. First it gave some errors during installation and in the end error message was:
27 warnings and 4 errors generated.
apxs:Error: Command failed with rc=65536
I removed this source (original from openstreet) and downloaded new one from here. This time installation went without error, only some warnings. But rendering is still not happening (it's stuck on <Debug>: Using web mercator projection settings and doesn't move on).
Data about my system goes here:
OS: Mac OS 10.9.4
Python: 2.7.5
Mapnik: 3.0.1-pre
Server version: Apache/2.2.26 (Unix)
Installation logs are here.

BlackBerry 10 Cascades - Running app on the simulator

I am new to blackberry development and ran into this problem several times and cannot find a solution.
When I try to run an empty cascades project just with a simple HelloWorld label I get the following error
Deployment Failed: Info: Sending request: Install and Launch
Info: Action: Install and Launch
Info: Debug native: on
Info: File size: 190910
Info: Installing com.example.HelloWorld.testDev__HelloWorld7d1bfe91...
Info: Processing 190910 bytes
I'm using Momentics, VMware running BB10 Dev Alpha Sim and followed all the instructions here.
I made sure my build config is set to Simulator-Debug and not even the example projects are able to run on the simulator.
Edit: I am not sure if this bit of info helps but when I try to run the application, the Progress hangs at 91% before the error dialog appears.
May be you are not setting the development Mode (like current Development Mode Simulator or Device) . I also getting the issue that Project Compile but not able to run on virtual Machine , today I sort the issue . check out the link

blackberry simulator not working properly on my mac with wine

blackberry simulator not working properly on my mac with wine. BB Curve 8320 simulator v.4.2.2 & v.4.3.
It installs and launches but comes up with various errors: DE365s errors, password record not found, incompatible or corrupt password structure, flash failure - DE361 error, JVM Error 548 flash erase failed.
What am i doing wrong?
Couldn't get this to work. I had to resort to my windows installation on my mac using Parallels Desktop.